The Road to Intranet Collaboration - Keynote address

Organizations understand that web technology and social networking can help increase internal collaboration but worry about keeping the online conversation focused around the corporate mission. Many Drupal enthousiasts struggle to gain buy-in from senior management in Government for its use as the Intranet technology platform of choice. However, the true discussion that needs to happen is not one of technology but rather of web strategy.

This talk presents a high-level roadmap, made for Drupal, that addresses the major concerns and goals of organizational leaders, laying a foundation for meaningful dialog and a business case for the use of Drupal in Government. Learn how to build an Intranet web presence with Drupal that blends corporate content with user-generated content while striking a balance between governance and open dialog, leading ultimately to stronger user engagement and increased collaboration.

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Thu, Aug 15 2013 (All day)

Drupal Gov Days 2013 Conference

Held at:
National Institutes of Health
Natcher Auditorium
9000 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD
20892, United States

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