About Jayson Peltzer

Jayson Peltzer is a web strategist, entrepreneur, and information expert that understands the power of web content. The key to his success has been his ability to blend content management functionality with Internet trends and best practices in a way that empowers everyday people.

Jayson’s passion for improving information management began as web developer. Logging in over 30,000 hours creating websites that improved the way information was delivered, shared, viewed, and categorized was just the tip of the iceberg for him. What began as a job soon developed into a vision for the future; content is and always will be king.

In 2007, Jayson started U7 SOLUTIONS - a website management and design company that focuses on content management and digital marketing. Founding his own web development company speaks to his entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to help other businesses solve their information challenges.

Jayson has gained industry expertise derived from over 15 years solving information management problems with web application technologies. An engaging public speaker, he demonstrates how organizations can embrace the chaos created by too much information by building structures that evolve and categorize information naturally. And he never takes the human element out of the equation.

In 2009, he architected and led the implementation of the first large-scale Intranet platform built on Drupal in the Government of Canada. This platform is built on a cohesive and flexible information architecture that blends primary and secondary content with user-generated content which serves as a foundation for the organization to drive content management, communications, social networking, and knowledge management towards collaboration where the organization's core business activities and user community engagement prosper and co-exist.

He authored The Intranet Website's Road to Collaboration in 2011, a white paper on how to leverage Web 2.0 technologies such as Drupal or other Web Content Management Systems to foster a collaborative and engaged workforce while furthering the organization's mission. Jayson specializes in Intranet web modernizations helping organizations overcome the obstacles to increasing engagement, decreasing turnover, and creating an empowered workforce. A detailed case study is available upon request.

Jayson is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), PRINCE2 Practitioner, and graduate in Management of Information Systems from the University of Ottawa.

He is available for public speaking engagements and/or consulting services, and can be contacted online at /cache/normal/www.jaysonpeltzer.com/contact_.html.

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