Improving Knowledge Management through a Social Intranet

Canadian organizations have typically been cautious in adopting wikis and other social networking tools in their Intranets. This workshop will walk attendees through the implementation of a Wiki-style intranet followed by a social intranet. It will highlight the coordinated effort between IT and KM to find a secure, cost-effective, user-friendly application that would add value and help increase collaboration.

  • Introducing individual Wikis and evolving to a social intranet
  • Selecting a provider and Web tools that suit your needs
  • Benefits of a social intranet
  • Ensuring quality control through oversight

Date: February 28, 2013
Conference: Federated Press - 22nd Intranets for Corporate Communication, Takeaway solutions for content management and portal development. Maximize the impact of your intranet.
Topic: Improving Knowledge Management through a Social Intranet

Wed, Feb 27 2013 (All day) - Thu, Feb 28 2013 (All day)

Ottawa, Ontario

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