IABC - The Road to Collaboration

While organizations often utilize their corporate Intranet as a means to develop culture, deliver messages and increase internal productivity, many executives often worry about the loss of control that often accompanies this internal form of communication.

Leaders are often forced to walk a fine line when it comes to the management of their Intranet, as too much management can result in the censoring of valid opinions; while not enough management can risk having unauthorized content published, or lead to excessive socialization. As such, the question still remains; how does one ensure that the conversations that take place on an organization’s Intranet stay focused around corporate goals and values?

Join us May 21, 2014 as Jayson Peltzer discusses how to build an Intranet that increases employee engagement and productivity by blending corporate content with a user generated social experience. Throughout his presentation, not only will Jayson build a business case for the use of Drupal and address major concerns and goals of organizational leaders, but he will also teach participants how to strike a balance between governance and open dialog, which can ultimately lead to stronger user engagement and increased collaboration.

Details and Signup: https://ottawa.iabc.com/events/pd-event-the-road-to-intranet-collaboration/

Wed, May 21 2014 - 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Must Wine Bar (41 William St., Ottawa, ON)

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