The latest version of Microsoft Office has introduced new file formats with an "x" in the extension. This poses a major problem for anyone who doesn't have the latest version of Office, as they cannot open the document.

To get around this, you need to convert the document to the older format, but you simply just can't rename the file - that won't work. You need to do a proper conversion. For example, if you have .docx file, you need to convert it to a .doc format.

Here's a nifty little hassle-free website that can do file conversions for you in just a few seconds: http://www.convertfiles.com/

Here's a nice site, offered by Google, with videos to help parents (and other non-techies) learn about computers and the web. I love this idea, and I think this could be very helpful for all us techies out there to better server our non-technical family members and friends :)

Send your parents a tech support package: https://get.google.com/tips/

Mashable write-up: http://mashable.com/2010/12/13/google-teachparentstech-launch/

This post is about a feature available in Firefox 3.0, Clear Private Data, that allows you to delete all or part of your saved history. The feature was updated in Firefox 3.5 and is now named Clear Recent History. This feature is very useful because it allows you to clear all or part of your saved history items and specify how much of your history is cleared such as the last hour or everything.


Here's the story of mint.com told by its founder, Aaron Patzer.  He gives some insight into the early days of the startup and then outlines the tactics he used to grow the company, obtain financing, launch and scale, and then sell the company for $170M!  This interview is very captivating and well worth watching.

Resizing images can be problematic without the right software, especially when you are trying to get images ready for publishing them onto a website that has file size limitations.

Typically, websites will only allow you to upload images that are 1024px by 728px in size or less, or they may restrict by file size for 250K or less.  The problem is that with our super powerful megapixel digital cameras, we end up with images that are in the 4752px by 3168px range or something very large like 1.5M to 4M each!

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