Jayson Peltzer

Share and see what happens

I write this blog in the spirit of sharing. The topics I write about are mostly focused on web technology and its application to small business, but they generally revolve around making sense of the Internet and all the wonderful things it allows us to do.

Through this blog, I will share what I learn in the hopes of:

  1. Helping people
  2. Validating my thinking
  3. Meeting new people
  4. Documenting things I learn
  5. Learning even more

Hope you enjoy, Jayson

Jayson Peltzer is a web strategist, entrepreneur, and information expert that understands the power of web content. The key to his success has been his ability to blend content management functionality with Internet trends and best practices in a way that empowers everyday people.

Jayson’s passion for improving information management began as web developer. Logging in over 30,000 hours creating websites that improved the way information was delivered, shared, viewed, and categorized was just the tip of the iceberg for him. What began as a job soon developed into a vision for the future; content is and always will be king.

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