The digital marketing manager is the web's new essential middleman

They call themselves "digital marketing managers" but also pose as "social media specialists", "internet marketers", and "digital strategists". There may be a few others, but we're not name-calling here.

Although I am not one of them, I do regularly pose as one. I have learned a lot about writing decent copy, organizing information to guide the user's focus, and to optimize content for a better search engine rank. I've also learned a thing or two about branding, marketing, and advertising... but I am by no means an expert at any of this.

Digital marketing managers are experts.

But yet, most small businesses turn to a technologist or a web designer to help them with their website and assume they will guide them with their online marketing efforts. Unfortunately, marketing is not usually their expertise or domain of interest. It's just not what they do.

Techies talk at an entirely different levels than clients do. The disconnect widens as time progresses, and the misaligned expectations often lead to undesirable outcomes. 

Technies talking to clients is bad.

In comes the web's new essential middleman: the digital marketing manager. Someone to act as a bridge between the client who know the business and the web designers who know the technology. Someone who excels at marketing and brand messaging, able to assist the client with packaging and publishing content online in the most optimized way to market the businesses products and services to existing and potential customers.

Today's digital marketing managers are the gateways to online business success - technology alone will not suffice.

Business is marketing.


How very true... You have summarized my last 3 jobs.... Maybe not on paper, but from an operational stand-point I often find myself as the go between. Often managing expectations! Just because a technology exists doesn't mean it is recommended for all businesses. How many times I have heard from clients " we need to be on facebook". The solution to a business problem is not always a technology, but lack of understand of how that technology fits into the marketing mix makes for bad decisions. great article Jayson!


Thanks Jean! I'm really glad this resonates well with you! Managing expectations is what its all about. Clarity is essential and technology is a means to an end - not a end game.

Nice. I agree.

The problem is that everyone thinks that they can be a digital marketing manager because the tools are out there (and free). But just because a guy buys a hammer and a drill doesn't mean that he can build a house (or anything for that matter). I think that's where the problem lies with small businesses...they all think that they can build a house and they fail to realize that you need much more (i.e.some planning). That being said I would like to see the word "strategy" in their title because, to succeed at this, well that's what you have to be. So let's call them Strategic Digital Marketing Managers...I hear that people with big titles make more money!

Thanks Roch - well said! We're going to need an acronym now :)

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