Improving knowledge management through a social intranet

Just posted my first deck on :) This presentation provides a roadmap for implementing social networking capabilities inside your corporate Intranet and makes the case that this will lead to increased collaboration within your organization.

Many people in leadership positions running web modernization projects inside their organizations are struggling with this. If you find this presentation useful and would like to learn more, please contact me


Some managers may still view them with suspicion, but Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) are an increasingly common part of the modern workplace, and in cases, replacing intranets. The emergence of consumerized IT has lead employees to expect user-friendly systems that offer the UX and functionality they can find on the Web. A number of ESNs have stepped up to try and meet these needs.

Very insightful slideshow. I agree with you that social intranet is a powerful tool for knowledge management. Communication and content management indeed plays big role towards knowledge management. Here is an article that I wanted to share because I know it goes along well with this article of yours:

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