How to easily gather testimonials for your business

Gathering testimonials is something very important to any business, especially these days because the world is highly social now. More than ever before, people base their purchasing decisions on recommendations from people they know and trust, and on public opinion. But this blog is not about convincing you of the benefit of testimonials, rather on explaining how easy it can be to gather them!

Basically, here's how you do it:

1. Be aware and keep your ears open.

This is not difficult. We're always in tune to how other people feel about us or our products and services. When a client gives negative feedback, it hits us hard and such comment don't usually pass by without us noticing. The same applies to positive feedback, our natural senses pick up on positive vibes very easily.

From now on, whenever you're in dialog with a client, your job is to flick the switch in your mind when you hear something positive about your product or service so that you realize a testimonial is there for you to capture.

2. Capture it.

Write it down, either immediately or immediately after the conversation. Make a mental note of it. Do whatever you have to to capture it without sabotaging the current conversation of course :)

Even if you don't remember it word-for-word or even forget what was said altogether, make a note that it happened.

3. Follow-up with an email.

After the conversation is done compose and send an e-mail to the client asking for permission to use what they said as a testimonial on your website or in your marketing material. Doing this in a timely fashion will increase your chances of success tenfold because the conversation is still fresh in the client's mind.

If you can, I recommend sending an email so you have written authorization to use the person's testimonial.

Here's a sample follow-up email template you can use:

Dear client,

I enjoyed our talk today. Something you said about our product really caught my attention. So much so that I actually wrote it down :) Here's what I think I heard you say:

"Your product is very user-friendly. I was stunned that it was so easy to use!"

I was wondering if I might use this quote for marketing purposes as a testimonial? Please feel free to correct it if I made a mistake or re-send new text that you'd prefer we use.

Sincerely, ...

When a client is happy with your product or service, they are generally quite willing to open up and tell you all about how satisfied they are and what they really like about your products or services.

Capturing this feeling in a timely fashion almost always gets you the OK. Besides, being asked for permission to use your words is quite a compliment and your client will generally feel flattered that you asked.

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